Suggest about the packaging and prep requirements

By | 21/01/2019

In fact, in Amazon seller central the Amazon had list almost all the tips of the packing and prep requirements, though the article applies to selling in United States, it do fit for the FBA in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan too.

Today we are going to talk about some tips based on the actual situation and the requirements of the FBA shipping company.

About the items package

Case: Amazon decided to re-scan one amazon sellers’s bestselling product (current outbound shipping weight is 0.8003 lbs), then they increased the fulfillment fee from $3.19 to $4.71

For the updated outbound shipping weight need to add 0.25 lbs, so the new data = 0.25 + 0.8003 = 1.0503 lbs (rounded off to nearest value) = 2 lb, which cause to use large standard size products the FBA fee (1 lb to 2 lbs): $4.71


  1. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the goods, try not to use excessive packaging. This may increase the surprise of customers when they receive the goods, but this will inevitably lead to higher delivery costs and fulfillment costs, so please be cautious.
  2. Maintain good communication with your suppliers to ensure that every batch of the products is the same as before. Or hire a professional agent to help you to confirm.

About the dimensions of the outbox carton

For shipping from China to Amazon FBA in USA, in Australia and in Canada
The longest side is less than 120cm, the shortest side is less than 75cm, and the shortest side *2+ the longest side is less than 330cm
For shipping from China to Amazon FBA in Europe, in UK, in Germany, in France, in Italy, in Spain, in Sweden and in Poland
the single side size should less than 100cm
For shipping from China to Amazon FBA in Japan
the three side is less than “50cm*60cm*50cm

Addition request for item package

For shipping from China to Amazon FBA Australia
Printed with the word “Made in China” or the stick the “Made in China” labeling on each item package

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