How to Create a Shipment in Amazon?

By | 26/03/2019

Some new Amazon sellers will ask us for which Amazon FBA warehouse fit their items well. In fact it is the Amazon system decision, not the sellers. You only can send your items to FBA that the Amazon system tells you.

Before you send your items to Amazon FBA warehouse, you need to create a shipment in Amazon at first, then you can know your Amazon FBA warehouse address.

In fact, Amazon official has given specific raiders for how to create a shipment:

If you choose us as your shipment partner to help you to send your items from China to Amazon FBA warehouse with Delivered duty paid (DDP) service. You might need to know the follow info:

  1. For ship-from address:
    you’ll need to click Ship from another address and change the origin to the address of our warehouse in Shenzhen:

    (Your company name)
    Room 310, Yinshan logistics center, Bao’an district
    Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518103

    Or using your factory address.

  2. For shipping method
    Please choose: small parcel delivery (SPD)
  3. For shipping carrier
    Please choose: Others