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How much does it cost to ship to Amazon FBA from China?

There are many factors affecting the shipping cost Different shipment option cause different shipping cost For example, you need send items from China to Amazon FBA warehouse in USA. Then you can choose the follow option Air express: using UPS, DHL, FEDEX etc. to send your items from your factory to your Amazon FBA warehouse directly.… Read More »

How to Create a Shipment in Amazon?

Some new Amazon sellers will ask us for which Amazon FBA warehouse fit their items well. In fact it is the Amazon system decision, not the sellers. You only can send your items to FBA that the Amazon system tells you. Before you send your items to Amazon FBA warehouse, you need to create a… Read More »

How to Get FNSKU Labels For Your Goods?

Open your Seller Central account on your computer. In the Manage Inventory screen (under the Inventory menu), check the boxes for the products you’ll be shipping. Then click the “Action on…” menu above the checkboxes, and select Send/replenish inventory: On the next screen, you’ll need to click Ship from another address and change the origin to our company address: (Your company name)… Read More »

How To Get Your Shipment Id And Reference ID?

Getting your Amazon Shipment ID and Reference ID is super easy. Both of these can be found after making your shipment in Seller Central. Finish up the “Send/replenish inventory” tool with your products you’re sending in. On this step, click “Work on shipment”: For each “Work on shipment” button (some people may only have one),… Read More »