About the items value of goods to Amazon FBA warehouse in Japan

By | 15/05/2020

From March 30, 2020, the Japanese customs has new regulations on the items value of goods to Amazon in Japan. The identification criteria need to be based on the Amazon link of the goods and the ASIN number to prove the sales price, and according to the various service fees of the Amazon platform combined to determine the taxable price of goods.

The currently implemented formula for calculating taxable price is:

Taxable price = (商品代金-出品手数料-FBA(Amazonから出荷)手数料) *100/110-(商品代金-出品手数料-FBA(Amazonから出荷)手数料) *関税率

  • 商品代金 = selling price
  • 出品手数料 = Listing fee
  • FBA(Amazonから出荷)手数料) = FBA (ship from Amazon) fees
  • 関税率 = Tariff rate

For the tariff rate, you can check it on Japan’s Tariff Schedule ( Statistical Code for Import )

For the other data, please follow the steps below

Step 1: Open 亚马逊物流收益计算器

Click the grey button, use the system as a visitor

Step 2: Input the ASIN number

then click the yellow button to find the items

Step 3: Get the selling price

Please click the “商品の詳細はこちら” to get the selling price.

Step 4: Input the selling price

Then click the yellow button.

Step 5: get the data

Then you can see the “出品手数料” and “FBA(Amazonから出荷)手数料” now.

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