How to package goods for shipping from amazon FBA

By | 27/12/2018

Almost everyday, there are some new sellers asking about some matters about shipping from china to amazon FBA. Today let’s talk about how to package goods.


Amazon does not have a mandatory requirement for the packaging of the goods. If your item has the original packaging, it is good to use the original packaging. However, if some items do not have the carton packaging, you can also use the plastic packaging to ensure that the items could in good condition when they reach the amazon FBA warehouse, and the items could in good condition when they be sent to your clients.

If you want to control the cost and don’t want to use the carton package for the item, the recommended package should be as luscious as possible. After all, safety is one aspect. The customer’s experience when receiving the goods is also an important aspect, from the perspective of cost saving. It is recommended to use a self-sealing anti-static bag instead of a transparent PE bag.

Some tips you need to know for shipping from China to Amazon FBA:

  1. seller need to send FBA list for transport mode conversion at your amazon FBA control panel. It is necessary to accurately fill in the weight and package size of the goods, as this will affect the cost of the subsequent FBA. If the entry is too large, the FBA warehouse will be re-calculated.
  2. Make FNSKU labeling and amazon shipment label according to Amazon’s logistics requirements. It is recommended to print the label with a laser printer, paying attention to the label and the actual item. In addition, the number of back-end FBA shipments is best matched to the actual.
  3. Contact with your shipping partner, whether have some special request. For example, shipping from china to amazon FBA in Australia by DDP need all item be printed with the word “Made in China” or the stick the “Made in China” labeling on each item package. Else would cause big issue for the clearance customs.
  4. Amazon FBA is using infrared scanning for the goods into the warehouse, the weight is also extremely accurate. The seller must be extra cautious about carton sealing before shipping.
  5. Every items must have one FNSKU labeling.
  6. Each outer box need attach two amazon shipment label(one on front and one on back), using the clear opp gummed tape or the clear sticker to cover the label.
  7. Confirm with your shipping partner how much items name could be list in one waybill.
  8. Confirm with your shipping partner the Max weight of one outer box could be.

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